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History of Munoz's Automotive Repair


Hi I'm David Munoz Sr. I Started working around cars in 7th grade at La Cumbre Jr. High school in 1969 where the car bug bite me. I continued learning about cars and the concepts of the vehicle at Santa Barbara High School followed by 12 months of trade school training in Arizona's #1 Tech school in the nation at the time where the curriculum covered Transmissions, Electrical systems, Engine diagnostics and Engine Tune-up. 

Following graduation of this school I worked for a local GM/Honda/Volvo dealership as a parts runner and lot tech. After 3 months on the job I moved into the shop as a GM Technician for about one year, during that year  as the nation was being hit with high gas prices and the domestic car sale were down I witnessed that the Honda car Technicians  were very busy. 

I switched to the new line of vehicles after being trained at the factory school in Los Angeles. 

I began to repairing Honda's for the dealer til 1980 at which time my wife Angie and I were expecting our second child (DJ) and I decided to open up my own shop at the age of 25 because I wanted to be a shop that was trusted by the public and know for reliability and cost effective repairs for customers, at the same time giving a honest evaluation of a vehicle to reduce wasted cost of unneeded repair. 

I specialized on Honda cars only for the first 20 years but as the evaluation on hybrid cars came around in 2000 many of my clients started to switch over to the Toyota Prius car and with that my shop began training on this new technology but had to travel to Los Angeles to find the qualified trainers for these cars and so we did, I thought we would only work on the Prius but our clients began to inquire if we would work on other models of Toyota's so with some hesitation we gradually took on most of the Toyota line.

This year is very special to us at Munoz's Automotive Repair as we will celebrate our 40th year in business which is due only to the great customers who many of them are more good friends then customers. We still continues to be a family run business today, My wife Angie runs the office and  along with being the answer person for the many question the customers have, DJ is our face on social media along with being a trained technician and is very customer orientated in answering customers questions and pleasant to talk with on cars and just about anything that interest you.

Our quest has always been to give you the customer a Honest, Friendly and Reliable Service.

Our motto is Training today for Tomorrow's Cars, that's why we are the only shop in Santa Barbara that closes down for a week during November to attend out of town training for the current and future vehicles.